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Stop Waterloo Power of Sale and Foreclosure

When faced with a power of sale or foreclosure in Waterloo, the homeowner must understand their legal options. We boast experienced staff who help people in stopping Waterloo power of sale and foreclosure. The experts can explain your options and recommend the best for your situation.

Waterloo Information

Waterloo is the smallest of three cities that make up the regional municipality of waterloo in Ontario. The city is close to Kitchener and at the time of the 2016 census, there were 104,986 people residing there. The city’s significance surged in the mid-twentieth century due to its role as a college city. There are five main parks in Waterloo including Waterloo Park in the uptown and RIM Park. Most locals in Waterloo are of German descent but there are many other cultures represented by students who attend its many colleges and universities. Waterloo boasts a huge knowledge and service industry with high-tech and insurance sector. There are three world-renowned think tanks including the Institute of Quantum Computing among others. The University of Waterloo, Manulife Financial, BlackBerry and Open Text are some of the biggest employers in the city. Waterloo is home to secondary and post-secondary institutions where many go to receive an education. Due to the high standards in the city, Waterloo is named the Top Intelligent Community in 2007.

Power of Sale and Foreclosure Process

A lender may start the process on a loan that has been in default for more than 15 days. The homeowner will receive a letter in the mail known as a ‘Notice of Sale Under Mortgage’ to be corrected in 35 days. If this doesn’t happen, you will receive a statement of claim which is a document outlining the fees to accompany mortgage settlement. Mortgage fees, land rates due and legal fees are some of the charges in a statement of claim. If these are not cleared in the duration given, the lender moves to issue a ‘writ of possession’ and request to evict. An eviction leaves room for the lender to sell off the property in order to recover their investment. You will get back any remaining funds from a power of sale as the title remains unlike in a foreclosure where the lender gets the home as well as any equity left.

Methods of Stopping a Power of Sale and Foreclosure

When a bank or other lender decides to activate a power of sale or foreclosure on your home, there are two options to take. If a bank is foreclosing your home, our professionals will explain your alternatives as well as the best one to take. If there is enough equity in the home, you can take another loan or sell it to get the cash needed to settle the loan. With insufficient equity, you must discuss the best alternative with the experts. Many people in Waterloo are in the mid equity ranges which means they have to work with an expert to determine the best action to take when faced with a power of sale or foreclosure situation.

Buying a Power of Sale or Foreclosure House

Finding houses for sale that are under a power of sale and foreclosure in Waterloo is nearly impossible because there isn’t a general database for them. Making things even harder for potential buyers is the fact that the rules don’t require one to state that a home is in foreclosure or power of sale when selling. While such homes can be very profitable, there could be huge losses if you are not cautious. There are many rules surrounding such homes so you should consult our professionals to help you avoid common mistakes. Our staff will also provide valuable information on available listings for properties under a power of sale and foreclosure. The main goal is to get the best deal for buyers and sellers of real estate under power of sale and foreclosure in Waterloo, Ontario.

Legal fees for buying and selling these types of property are often high and unpredictable. Buyers must agree to several terms and conditions when looking for properties under a power of sale and foreclosure. The only way to get a good deal is to work with a reputable lawyer for each deal involving such properties.

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