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Stop Oshawa Power of Sale and Foreclosure

If you want to stop an Oshawa power of sale or foreclosure, it is important to understand your legal options. Our Oshawa staff have several years of experience stopping these actions and can explain all your alternatives to help in choosing the best option for your circumstances.

Oshawa Information

Oshawa is the eastern anchor of both the Golden Horseshoe and the Greater Toronto Area. The name comes from the Ojibwa term meaning the crossing place’. Oshawa is on the shores of Lake Ontario and is the automotive capital, aptly named the city that motivates Canada’. While mostly recognised for its automotive industry, modern day Oshawa is a health science and education hub. The city is home to Trent University Durham and University of Ontario Institute of Technology. Lake Ridge Health Oshawa is one of Ontario’s largest community hospitals and it houses R.S McLaughlin Durham Regional Cancer Centre. The LHEARN centre in Lakeridge Health Oshawa trains and tests all kinds of medical professionals. Lori Yates, Tonya Lee Williams, John O’Regan, Stephen Poloz and Jonathan Wilson are some of the notable residents of Oshawa, a city with 149,607 as of the 2011 census.

The Power of Sale and Foreclosure Process

A power of sale can be initiated after a mortgage has been in default for more than 15 days. The lender should mail a letter to the property owner who has about 35 days to resolve the ‘Notice of Sale Under Mortgage’ by paying listed fees. If this does not happen, a statement of claim’ is issued outlining all costs accompanying mortgage settlement. These include land taxes due, lawyer fees, mortgage fees and other rates that are unique to Oshawa. If a statement of claim’ remains unpaid, the loan lender can issue a writ of possessions and request an eviction. With a power of sale, the lender does not take title to the home but can sell it to recoup. The homeowner will receive leftover proceeds from the power of sale but it is usually very little after legal and other fees. A foreclosure means the lender can take the title and own your home. You will also lose any remaining equity in the property.

Techniques of Stopping a Power of Sale or Foreclosure

When a lender or bank uses foreclosure or power of sale on your property, there is an option of paying off the mortgage holder or allowing the lender to sell the home. If a bank is foreclosing or selling your home, our staff in Oshawa can discuss your options. The most important factor in such circumstances in equity left in your home. If you have a lot of equity, the most favourable action would be to stop the power of sale or foreclosure. Stopping these procedures is only possible if you pay the requested amount. The cash to pay off your loan may be obtained through a second loan or selling the home. If the value of your property is lower than the total of debts in it, stopping a power of sale and foreclosure is a complex process that demands proper handling with help from seasoned professionals. Many people are in the middle of the equity range and that requires the advice of our experts to determine the best options.

Buying an Oshawa Foreclosure or Power of Sale House

It is not easy to find homes under foreclosure or power of sale in Oshawa because there is no general database. In addition, it is not required to state that a property is in foreclosure or power of sale when selling a property. People interested in purchasing such properties, there can be great offers but caution is necessary. You could lose money on such a deal if you go in unaware of the laws governing these types of properties. Our experts can offer guidance on how to avoid such dangers and even provide clients with inside information on latest listings for such properties. We help buyers get the lowest price while ensuring that sellers get the most money from their property before the banks sell it off. Our team is available to discuss various opportunities with you.

Legal costs and fees related to buying and selling these types of homes are high and usually unpredictable. Buyers have to obey several terms and conditions like limited ability to inspect a home and AS IS, hence the need for a lawyer in every power of sale or foreclosure deal.

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