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Stop Orillia Power of Sale and Foreclosure

If you want to stop an Orillia power of sale and foreclosure, it is imperative that you understand the legal options available. Our teams of experts have been stopping both these actions for many years and we can discuss your situation to recommend the best action depending on your circumstances.

Orillia Information

Orillia is a politically independent city within Simcoe County. The Huron people originally inhabited it as evidence dated 4000 years ago indicates. It was a popular trading, fishing and hunting location for Native Americans who lived there for hundreds of years. It has a large waterfront that brings visitors to the area in droves. There is a mixture of different industries in the city including government services, manufacturing and tourism among others. The largest employer in Orillia is Casino Rama followed by industries like CCI Thermal Technologies among others. In Orillia, you can choose between French and English public education institutions. There are two post-secondary education institutions including the campus of Georgian College with 1600 students. There are also some private schools like Bethel Baptists. Orillia has an arts district with fine dining, art galleries and the Museum of Art and History that plays a major role in local cultural events. It has many retirement homes even though less than 20% of its population is above 65. The other attractions include its waterfront, beaches and several natural attractions. There is an annual Perch Fishing Festival in the city, when enthusiasts gather to catch, tag and release perch for prize money. The Christmas in June is a great time to decorate boats and indulge in turkey.

The Power of sale and Foreclosure Process

The power of sale or foreclosure action begins as soon as a loan has been unpaid for more than 15 days. It is important therefore to pay the listed fees within 35 days after receipt of a “Notice of Sale Under Mortgage”. Failure to bring the loan to good standing leads to the issuance of the “statement of claim”, a list of the many other fees accompanying mortgage settlement. If you refuse or are unable to pay the statement of claim, there will be a writ of possession a request to evict. The lender doesn’t take the title to a property with a power of sale, but they can sell your house to recover their money. The homeowner is therefore entitled to the excess money but this isn’t usually much after legal and other fees. A foreclosure means that the lender can get the title to your home and own it.

Stopping Foreclosure and Power of Sale

When a bank or lender uses foreclosure or power of sale on your property, there is an option to pay them off or seek recourse. If there is adequate equity in the home, you can use it to get a second loan or sell the house. If the debts in your home exceed its value, it is necessary to seek professional help in order to make the right decision. Many people in Orillia have average equity levels and that calls for help of our experts when faced with foreclosure and power of sale situations.

Buying an Orillia Power of Sale or Foreclosure House

It can be difficult finding Orillia homes under foreclosure or power of sale because sellers are not required to state this fact when selling. There isn’t a special database for such properties either, which makes things even more complicated for buyers. These properties can be very profitable for homeowners but there is a need to observe the rules of foreclosure and power of sales deals to avoid losses. Our experts are there to help you negotiate multiple pitfalls and ensure that you can locate the right homes in foreclosure or power of sale. Our goal is to get buyers the best homes for the lowest price and ensuring that sellers make the most gain from their houses before banks come calling.

Legal fees and rates for such deals are high and unpredictable. Buyer must also meet many terms and conditions that do not necessarily favour them. For these and other complex reasons, it is advisable to use a reputable lawyer for each power of sale and foreclosure deal.

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