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Stop North Bay Power of Sale and Foreclosure

You need to be aware of your legal options when trying to stop a North Bay power of sale or foreclosure. Our staff are highly experienced in stopping both these actions. We can discuss your options and recommend the best solution for your situation.

North Bay Information

Also known as the “Gateway to the North” the city of North Bay sits on what was the main canoe route from Montreal. Among the first people in the area are the First Nations, voyageurs and surveyors but things changes with the Canadian Pacific Railway in 1882. North Bay is a unique city starting with the fact that it straddles both the Ottawa River and the Great Lakes Basin. It remains a major transportation centre for Northern Ontario, critically located at the junctions of Highways 11 and 17. The city has some ancient volcanic pipes, several exposed dykes and batholiths that attract many visitors. It is one of the most economically diverse cities in the north. Most jobs are n the public sectors like government, health and education. Nipissing University and Canadore College are the two main post-secondary institutions in the area. North Bay city also has other educational programs from preschool to post-secondary. The school boards in this city include; Near North District School Board, Nipissing-Parry Sound Catholic District School Board and Conseil Scolaire de district du Nord-Est de l’Ontario.

North Bay Power of Sale and Foreclosure Process

North Bay power of sale and foreclosure starts with a letter sent to the homeowner. The “Notice of Sale Under Mortgage” is sent when a loan has defaulted for more than 15 days and must be corrected in about 35 days to avoid further action. If this fails, you will get a “statement of claim” outlining the many fees associated with mortgage settlement. These fees include mortgage set up fees, legal and land rates due as well as other charges unique to the Halton Hills region. If you fail to pay the statement of claim, there will be a writ of possession issued before you are evicted. The lender needs to evict to be able to sell the home and recover their investment. Once they have recouped, a lender must give back the remainder as they do not get title to the home. This is the main difference between a power of sale and foreclosure where you lose both equity and the home. The power of sale is a preferred option for lenders as it is both fast and cheap.

Stopping Power of Sale or Foreclosure

It is possible to stop a power of sale or foreclosure action using legal means available. Action taken depends on equity in the home which may be used as collateral for a second mortgage. The homeowner can also sell the home for the cash needed to pay off their loan. With insufficient equity, there is nothing left but to seek advice from our experts on how to stop the action. Most Halton Hills residents have average equity which also requires expert help in deciding the right action when facing power of sale or foreclosure.

Buying a Power of Sale and Foreclosure Home

Finding such properties on sale isn’t easy in Halton Hills Ontario. There isn’t a general database for these homes nor is there a requirement to state that a home is in foreclosure or power of sale when they decide to sell. There can be major profits from buying such property but you need o be aware of the rules. A power of sale or foreclosure deal may cause huge losses if an individual fails to follow the rules of procurement. Simple mistakes can be expensive which is why you always need a lawyer for any foreclosure or power of sale deal. Our main intention is to get buyers good homes for the lowest rates and ensure that sellers get the best deal on their homes before the banks come calling.

There are high legal fees associated with foreclosure and power of sale deals and these are often hard to predict. In addition, the buyer must meet several terms and conditions that may not be straightforward. in light of these facts, you need a lawyer to help on each foreclosure or power of sale.

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