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Stop Innisfil Power of Sale and Foreclosure

If you want to stop an Innisfil power of sale or foreclosure, it is important for you to understand the legal options available. Our staff have been stopping both these actions for many years and we explain all your alternatives to help you choose the most beneficial.

Innisfil Information

Innisfil is a town located on the shore of lake Simcoe in Ontario. It is about 80 km north of Toronto city and just south of Barrie. Growth in these two neighbours has contributed to residential development in the town. The 2011 census revealed that there were 33,079 people in the town which comprise several neighbourhoods. The communities making up Innisfil include Simcoe Beach, Glenwood, Belle Ewart and Barclay among others. Each year, there is a Summerfest and Winterfest at Innisfil Beach as well as a racetrack on the 5th Sideroad near the interchange at the Beach Road. There are several antique stores in the area, thus the nickname “antique capital of southern Ontario”. Cooktown has a famous annual garage sale fondly known as “Wing-Ding” as well as the annual fair in September. Soules and Hewson’s families were the first settlers to the area in 1822 and 1823. Pioneer farms were cut from the forest and provided all the settlers needed with the surplus sold at Barrie. Post offices, stores and churches were soon established in the area. The earliest census in 1842 showed that there were 762 people living in Innisfil.

Power of Sale and Foreclosure Process

A power of sale might be started after the mortgage has been in default for more than 15 days. The lender must mail the homeowner a letter who has about 35 days to correct the “Notice of Sale Under Mortgage”. This is done by paying listed fees but if this is not possible, a lender will send the “statement of claim”. This is a document outlining the many other fees accompanying mortgage payment. These include mortgage fees, land rates due and lawyer fees among other charges that are unique to the Innisfil area. If the statement of claim isn’t paid in due time, the lender is forced to issue a writ of possession before making a request to evict. This is necessary to allow the sale of your property and eventual compensation of the lender. Power of sale allows the lender to sell your home but it doesn’t give them title to the property so they must give back anything that remains from the sale.

Methods of Stopping a Power of Sale and Foreclosure

When the banks or credit unions decide to foreclose or take power of sale action against you, there are several options. With adequate equity, you can sell the home for cash needed to pay off your loan or get a second mortgage. If the debts on your property exceed its value, it wouldn’t be easy to get another loan but there are other options. It is wise to consult with the experts when faced with these actions. Many Innisfil residents have average equity which also requires expert advice if in a power of sale or foreclosure situation.

Buying an Innisfil Foreclosure or Power of Sale House

Finding such homes is very difficult considering the lack of a general database or a requirement for people to state this fact when selling. There can be great deals for people interested in such homes, however, money could be lost if you aren’t fully aware of the laws governing such homes. Our experts will advise on the best way to avoid these mistakes and even point you to the kind of homes that you seek. We help buyers get the best foreclosure and power of sale homes for the lowest price and also ensuring that sellers make the most from their properties before banks close in.

There are high legal fees and costs for such properties, which are often unpredictable. Buyers must abide by multiple rules including the “AS IS” condition and limited ability to inspect the property. These are not always favourable to the buyers who is best advised to seek professional help when looking to buy such properties. A lawyer must be used for all such deals to avoid the common mistakes that lead to monetary loss.

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